Monday, May 16, 2005

What could happen if work doesn't like my blog, Part II

So this weekend I made some comments about what would happen if someone at my school did not like my blog. Behold the Sacramento Bee this morning. The article discusses this very issue about employers finding employee blogs.

Their workplaces are worlds apart, but the Delta flight attendant and the Kaiser Permanente employee shared one thing in common: gripes about their jobs.They also shared an increasingly common pastime: airing their workplace complaints on their daily Web logs.

Both were are also fired for what was in their blogs. Before you get in a full flux of panic, you might want to read about what was placed in their blogs. The flight attendant posted pictures of herself partially dressed on one of Delta's airplanes, while the Kaiser employee linked confidential patient information from her blog. This is a little different than some of the concerns expressed in the blogs about teachers being fired for commenting about things happening at school. As long as you are careful about confidential information (duh) and change names, you should be fine. Think about yourself as a good newsreporter, you need to follow the legal system as well as thinking about the common sense regarding students.

As to the article, I think it is a no brainer. If I posted partially dressed pictures of me in a classroom, or linked confidential student information from my blog, I would expect to be fired too. This is more of a case of dumb bloggers and not a case of workers rights.
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