Monday, May 30, 2005

So, what did you do during Memorial Day?

I painted.

It wasn't an easy paint project either, it was a bitch. The room was from an 11 year old girl that had the walls colored green, yellow, purple and orange. The ceiling was blue. My wife wanted the room painted "Evocative Sunlight", a fancy way of calling it pale yellow. The teaching colleague came by Saturday morning to show me the ropes (he bought about 3 years ago), and help me with the first coat of primer. I finished the third coat at around 11 p.m. that night. Lo and behold, by this morning, all the touch up was done and the room is pale yellow, to the delight of my wife. Actually, the room does look much better. The yellow makes the room seem brighter and bigger, while the happiness that my wife has makes the work worth it. However, I must say that painting really sucks. Along with painting, my wife has made the house very managable and we are no longer living out of boxes in various rooms. It is slowly becoming a home.

I went to the school today from about 90 minutes to prepare a Commerical Marketing Presentation using Power Point and a computer overhead. I guess I'm very lucky that I have the advantage of having access to the school, therefore my prep is made that much easier. This week is packed! Tuesday and Thursday are full of the Commercial Presentation, with Congressman Mike Thompson coming on Wednesday. Friday is Econ Expo work day for College Prep, and the Intro kids will start on Entrepreneurship Business Models.
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