Thursday, May 26, 2005

Adds and thanks!

I added Adland to my blogroll. Near the end of my Economics class, I teach a unit on Marketing. At the end of the unit, I do a Power Point/Video presentation on television commercials. Adland is the greatest commercial archive on the Internet that charges next to nothing for access to thousands of commercials, most of them from the United States. In fact, if you don't find it here, check the forum boards and someone will point out a way to get it. It is ran by a woman who calls herself "Dabitch". She's from Denmark, she's sassy and I paid the tiny fee and downloaded about 30 commercials in two days. Take advantage!

Thanks to Miller's Time for linking my in his blog. Like I said before, I only link to blogs that are consistent and that I read every day. In fact, I'm going to houseclean some of my blogs and delete some that don't post after a month. Miller is going on my Bloglines feed so I can read him consistently. His page looks like an endorsement center for the GOP, but I have "Shut Up and Teach" over on my links (the Nancy Pelosi of Ed Blogs) and I don't discriminate. Remember, various opinions are good! He does have great things going from him though.
-From Northern California.
-He's a Giants fan and therefore hates the Dodgers.
-He likes the Raiders.
-He likes the Kings.
-He teaches.
-Likes beer.

Damn! Sounds like a Sacramento road trip is in order! There are a couple of edbloggers from Sac that I can see arguing over a cold beer, a nice cigar, and the Giants on the screen.

Thanks again Miller!
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