Monday, May 02, 2005

Abbiamo un presidente!!!!!!

Ok, its not that big of a deal.
Today, our President of the Ukiah Coaches Association resigned his coaching position, and therefore resigned his post as President of the UCA. Guess who the Vice-President was? That's right, me. I am now the lovely spokesman between the athletic coaches of the school (which there are many) and the principal (which will be new). Oh how I love a challenge!
First on the agenda is grade policies related to athletics. Currently, students must have a 2.0 GPA to play any sport, period. There is no "probation period" or "grace quarter" for a second chance. This includes 8th graders coming to the high school. If they graduate 8th grade with under a 2.0, they can't play football for the high school in the fall. I need your help. Please leave a comment about the grade/athletic policy of your school. The UCA is going to change it next year and we need some ideas and viewpoints!
The second major event of the day is that I found out that I'm going to teach two sections of Public Speaking next year. This is a good thing! I was recommended by the current Public Speaking teacher and I accepted. Wow, a brave new world to explore!! This doesn't mean that I'll stop teaching Government/Economics. In fact, I figure that my schedule will probably look like three Gov/Econ and two Public Speaking. Sounds excellent!! This also means that I'll be teaching Mock Trial, an event that I know nothing about. Wish me luck, and if you teach Speech, give me a holler!!!
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