Monday, April 25, 2005


During open gym today, I think I strained some muscle that below my calf. It hurts like hell. Speaking of open gym, the city league volleyball people came in and started putting up nets right in the middle of our game. Literally, they came onto the follow and set a volleyball pole up. Needless to say I was pissed, and pulled the pole out. They were not happy and were very confrontational. I stated that I had the gym from 4-6 on Monday's, that I've had it for 4 years, and that they had 15 minutes to go. One of the guys stated that "the rules are changing starting today." My response was a nice "no, they are not", which made them more infuriated. Then they demanded to know who my boss was. My boss is, of course, the principal of the school. He happens to love the fact that I do open gym. So I'm not worried in the slightest about their bitching. No problems in 4 years, now these idiots? Oh, and he wanted to know if I had "rented" the gym for the two hours. My polite "no, I'm a coach here and this gym is for the students", was really supposed to be "listen jackass, this is my gym and you should pray to God that I don't slam this volleyball pole down your scrawny little throat. And never endanger my students like that again or lock your ass out with my pretty little key."
But I'm diplomatic. :)
Remember my mention of the newspaper editor and the nasty letter I sent her (check Friday's post)? Well, she printed it in Sunday's paper. I'll get both tomorrow. I actually got calls from other teachers saying that they appriciated it.
School was great today. My 4th Period Intro students had a group that was a little squirrelly, and it cost them in a little extra work. It was one of those group assignments where the focus was on car rims and prom dresses, not revenue and cost/benefit. We'll see if any of the students accomplish the extra work for tomorrow.
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