Wednesday, April 13, 2005

Oh, now here is a huge surprise.

Statistics shown to the Mendocino County Board of Supervisors stated that over the last 10 years, marijuana related arrests of youth ages 12-17 have gone up 323%. According to the County Supervisor, it could be because of
"the availability and the prevailing attitude of the use" of marijuana in Mendocino County"

Wow, ya think so?

I notice that at the end of all these articles, they always mention the medical marijuana Supreme Court case and how everything will be reevaluated after the case is done. How the hell is this relevant at all?!?!?!? MARIJUANA IS AN ILLEGAL SUBSTANCE RIGHT NOW!!! But we have two county idiots (Sheriff Tony Craver and District Attorney Norm Vroman) who are more interested in people having the freedom to take bong hits than the fact that the county is becoming a culture in a constant, drug induced haze.

Here are the "startling" facts in the Ukiah Daily Journal.
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