Monday, April 11, 2005

Home Run!

Well, as of 5 p.m. this evening, we started escrow on a home!

Earlier in the day our agent called with a counter off and we accepted. From there the ball started rolling and we are starting the process of home inspections for everything known to man. The house is 3 bd/2 bath and about 1,500 sq ft. It is on a beautiful, tucked into a corner lot with a great size backyard and room for an RV on the side (no, I don't own one). One of the best assests, right on the other side of our fence are acres of vineyards!!!!! It is our dream come true! And the master bedroom has a huge window seat that looks out over the vineyards! It is pretty damn near perfect.

I'll get more into the house as we go along. The cost was just over $400. How could I afford it you might ask? Those in economics will understand; I had help from an angel.

Class was ok today. My Intro classes worked on Supply and Demand vocabulary (those that teach Econ know that it is like learning a new language) and this week we will start the High School Food Court Simulation from the Buck Institute (click link right). The classes worked very diligently on the vocab, with 4th period starting in on a conversation about good Mexican food. See, most of this class is Mexican, very proud Mexican. I asked a student of mine about a good place for food and all of the sudden there were 15 people giving advice. It last for a good 10 minutes, but it was healthy. I fully believe that you need to talk to students about something other than academics. It builds relationships. College Prep was whiney, especially 2nd Period. These students are in full blown Senioritis, and let the world know every 10 minutes.

Off to bed. Regardless of this sweet feeling (along with poverty apprehension) of home ownership, I still have kiddies to teach.
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