Monday, April 18, 2005

David? Are we out of touch?

I happen to love the New York Times OpEd columns. Rarely does a day go by that some columnist makes an interesting point that keeps me thinking throughout the day.
Today, the thoughts are more perplexed.
David Brooks is an interesting writer. I really liked his book "Bobos in Paradise", and I find his columns provoking. However, this column is not provoking, it's a mistake. I don't know where he gets his stats, but Brooks says that teen sex is down, the numbers of partners are down, and teens are more "show" than "go". Working in a high school, I would say that Brooks is horribley misinformed. Kids are more empowered than ever and are showing it in a variety of ways, including sex. Brooks says that sex is more private than ever with teens. Brooks is wrong.
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