Tuesday, April 05, 2005

CTA Dues Increase Update...straight from the CTA.

I attended the Ukiah Teacher's Association meeting, as I do every 1st Tuesday of the month, to find that there was a special presentation from Susan Savage, the region representative of the California Teacher's Association. After her speech about the hammering that Arnold is putting on California's education system, I posted a question regarding fee increases at the June meeting. Her comments were as follows:

-"The CTA has been informing the political representative from the local unions. They should keep you informed."

-"The dues increase would amount to $6 a month, if enacted."

-"The vote in June will be to simply introduce the idea of increasing dues. They will only be increased if the Governor's propositions make the ballot. The maximum length for the dues increase would be 3 years."

-"The money is to reimburse the CTA for putting up their own building to fund the campaign against the Governor. We are fighting this battle as well, so much that we put up our headquarters. Your increase would help pay back money."

Those are quotes ladies and gentlemen. I was disturbed about the lack of accountability in notifying the membership AND that final quote. She acted as though the CTA was fighting the battle alone and teachers were not putting in their fair share.

I was happy to see that out of the many site reps that attended the meeting, I gained nods of approval by over half. Some even made comments of support for my questions.

"There is no way that CTA's membership should be informed by the media instead of the leadership."

So there you have it.

The day was pretty mellow. I had to do grades today and I'm mentally preparing for the onslaught of parent calls upon realization that their child is doing little in class.

The stretch run is upon us. Buckle up!!
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