Tuesday, March 08, 2005

Wow, I'm tired

It wasn't the teaching today that got me, it was the rest of life.

All five classes went relatively smooth today. One exception was when a student took a book from my bookshelf for silent reading, read it, then casually threw it at the bookshelf. I lit into him pretty hard and some of my students were shocked. I don't feel the least bit unjustified in my response. Most teachers would have written him up for some damn thing or another. I was irritated with him being disrespectful. I let him know and then moved on.

But the fact that my wife and I are looking into a house is just a pain in the ass. We might have found one. The street is a little run down. The house if 3/2, massive kitchen with an island, central heat/air and a spa. 1,600 square feet. Keep in mind that the street is pretty run down. Here's the game........name what you think is the asking price for this home. Go for it. Remember, I'm in Ukiah and the street is fairly run down.

Good luck!
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