Wednesday, March 30, 2005

Well, it finally happened......

So I decided to go to the classroom today and do a little work. This is the first Spring Break in four years that I avoided the classroom during the first weekend of Break so I could actually sit and recover.

When I arrived at the classroom, I noticed that my door looked wierd. Now, let me first state that in four years, I have never had a prank call (home or school), nothing has ever happened to my home, nothing has ever happened to my car, nothing really "prankish" has ever occurred. Ok, last year someone glued the locks to all the classrooms, but that was the Senior prank. Well, I have now been targeted. My classroom door is now a red omlet. It looks like someone took a dozen eggs and used my classroom door as target practice. According to the custodian, it happened Monday night. They nailed my door (and my door only) and knocked over a bunch of trash cans on campus.

I really don't know how I feel about it. I'm actually kind of indifferent, if that makes any sense. I feel that this year is by far the best year I have had teaching. I've written three referrals all year (one to student that isn't even in my class), parent problems have been religated to parents who are known to be a little pushy, and my relationship with my students has been excellent. I do teach lower level Senior Economics (called Intro), and unfortuantley I could see a few students that would resort to egg chucking. But as I rack my mind, I really can't see a vast majority of my students acting in this way.

So someone out there is irritated at me. But the good news is that it wouldn't take two hands to count the possible culprits.
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