Monday, March 14, 2005

Ups and Downs

So on Sunday night, I went from one extreme to another.

First I read the recent articles in the Sacramento Bee that stated that the Democratic legislature here in California is about ready to "bargain" with the Governator. The deal would be that pension change would be gradual (instead of immediate) and merit pay would be taken off the table in exchange for making tenure for teachers a five year process. My take is that the bargain is a joke. For the lack of pay that I recieve, I depend on the security of my retirement. Without it, this job becomes a lesson in cost/benefit analysis. And 5 year tenure? Your going to make a young teacher wait five years to get any security in this job? Why the hell would anyone want a job like this??? No pay, no security, threatened retirement, no respect.

Then I went over and read Polski's blog reminding the teachers that good things are going on, most of them are in the classroom. In fact, the positive outweighs the negative in the classroom by a lot. The problem is a matter of respect in our jobs. We are not treated, paid, imaged or representated like professionals. Sometimes I just have to get over that and realize that the students matter more than my own future.

At least for the time being....
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