Tuesday, March 15, 2005

Ukiah Coaches Association

Along with teaching the little boys and girls at Ukiah High School, I'm also a coach. The coaches at our school formed the Ukiah Coaches Association in order to build a foundation at which the coaching staffs from all sports can have a unified message of competitiveness, academics and class. I happen to be the vice-president of the association. Essentially, that means nothing. Nice title I can put on the resume.

One of the topics broached at the meeting was our school's problem with getting the atheletes into strength training. At our school, the class is called BFS (Bigger, Faster, Stronger). It is offered twice a day. The problem is that out of the 350 Fall and Winter athletes at the school, only 37 take BFS. Ouch. So how do you promote the weight program? The obvious approach is that you bully students into taking the class. "If you truely want to play next year, take BFS." The problem is, that won't work because currently the athletic teams at our school are not a "big deal". Bascially, it is nothing special if you are varsity athlete. So, what to do? We agreed to promote it, that's about.

The real problem lies in the fact that the school allows students to go home if they are all caught up in units and core classes. I have tons of seniors that only have two early classes in the morning, then go home for 4 hours before practice. You are going to have a tough time convincing students to come back to school for weight training, especially with the conditions (the room is a small portable) and the equipment (which is minimal).

Any ideas? God knows we went through them all last night.

On the house front, the 1st house we offered on countered with an awful proposal. Basically they will only go down three thousand, and refuse to fix an Section 1 structural problems found during inspection. Sure, I'll pay 350 for a house, and not have it be in working condition. Basically, they are idiots.

But behold, late last night a house we wanted earlier fell out of escrow and off we go again, making an offer tomorrow morning. May luck be with us.
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