Tuesday, March 22, 2005

Tales from the Trenches at Ed Wonk

Ok, you simply must bookmark Education Wonks. Click the link on the right.

Not only does the site discuss important education issues, but EdWonk does an excellent job showing the lives of teachers who are blogging their lifestyles. The recent edition shows the trials and tribulations of teachers around the country.

Click it---------------> "Tales of the Trenches"

Here's another interesting statistic from my Intro Economics classes. I timelined the Terry Shiavo case, had them watch the news about it and had them quickwrite an opinion on the case. Out of 88 students from 3 classes: 84 students believe the feeding tube should be pulled. 4 students stated that it was murder. What I was most proud about was that a few students referenced that "one Supreme Court case in which it must be written down or stated by a lawyer" (the case was Cruzan vs. Missouri Department of Health). A couple students stated that it was ok to pull the tube if Mike Shiavo had the required information.
Brings a smile to my face.
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