Sunday, March 06, 2005

Sunday, Bloody Sunday

So Sundays around here look like this.....

Phase One: Cook like crazy. My wife wakes up about at 6:30, I wake up about 8. We then go on a massive cooking spree until about Noon. What we have learned is that fixing lunches early makes for an easier week. No fuss, no muss. The menu varies, but I usually stick with chicken because I'm counting carbs.

Phase Two: Relax and grade. I don't understand how teachers can possibly grade in silence. While I graded this afternoon I watched:
-Thurdays "Imus in the Morning"
-The Indy Racing League Homestead 300
-Kings vs. Pistons

I just get into a better grading flow with something going on in the background.

So today the grading consisted of very tedious worksheets on changes in Demand, and grading essays on competition. This was a little sad because 85% of the essays sucked. The assignment was simple:

-Read "Competitions Quiet Victory" by Newsweek columnist Robert Samuelson (2/7/05, ask me for a copy, excellent)
-1-2 page essay
-Summerize, advantage/disadvantage and opinion.
-Given during Snow Week break.

I don't know what was worse; the fact that only 5 students (out of 70) made two pages, the fact that only half did more than 1/2 page, or that only 2 papers would be accepted at the college level. This being a college prep class, my students will not be happy tomorrow at grades.

Ok, bring on the week. On the agenda: looking for houses, Winter Awards Night, Progress Reports, and the time honored tradition of the parents starting to call me wondering why their A+ kid is barely passing Economics.

Long Live Senioritis!!!
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