Saturday, March 26, 2005

Spring Break!

Well, Spring Break is here.

You'd figure that I'd be super excited, but I'm just thankful that I have a little break. Looking for a house has become an extra job, what with the time looking and dealing with real estate agents. Tack on the mental stress and Spring Break is simply going from two jobs to one. We have an interesting plan that just came into the works. I can't explain it now, but it has potential to aliviate a lot of stress.
My plan for the break is to recover. Little odd jobs may abound, such as cleaning the apartment, grading papers, visiting friends and family. But this is truely the time to recover and plan for the final quarter of the year. I'll go through and plan the day-by-day activities for my classes, especially for the week of STAR Testing. During that week, I get one class of my Seniors for many hours during the days. Late May and ancy 12th graders is an interesting combination. So I'll plan more than anything else.
My wife will not be spending the Break with me. Her school district is in Willits, a little town about 30 minutes north of Ukiah on Hwy. 101. Their Spring Break two weeks down the road. The timing means that no vacations will be happening this year, not that any would happen anyway because of the house.
Reading back in this entry, I realize that my writing tonight sucks. It's short and choppy, kind of like my current attitude. To be honest, I feel like I need about 2-3 days of total shut down mode for my body/mind to start to relax. With the house stressing me out, that isn't likely to happen. It's Saturday at 9 p.m., and I'm dead tired. I think I'll try and read a fiction book right now. I'm into that Wheel of Time series at the moment. I'm about 3/4 through the first book. Took a little bit of time to read the charactors, but now its a keeper.

I added "What It's Like on the Inside" to my Fellow Bloggers list. She's a Science teacher in Washington that is currently writing a whole hell of a lot better than I am.
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