Saturday, March 05, 2005

So I'm back............

I totally missed this blog when things got crazy at school. Then I realized that other teachers, which were friends of mine, reminded me of blog therapy. Actually, that and reading the Wonkette. If you are really into politics with a dirty, dirty, DIRTY sense of humor, visit the webmistress that is Ann Marie Cox. But have an open mind and realize that this blog is for teachers or would be teachers.........and that I teach Political Science and Economics. The mix can be dangerous.

Anyway, I am now a representative to the Ukiah High School Teachers Association. Basically I represent the high school to a union that focuses on the elementary schools in town. My job is to represnet the interest of the high school. By the way, what is Ukiah High like you might ask?

Ukiah is located about 2 hours north of San Francisco on Hwy. 101. The town's population is about 15,000, however if you included the surrounding valley, the total is closer to 30,000. The high school is large. 1,900 students. For this area, thats very large. The next high school of similar size is in Santa Rosa, about an hour away. We are a campus that is about 67% white, 25% latino and some Native American mixed in for good measure. Average class size is about 27 students. I teach two classes with 35, the rest are a little lower. About 40% of our students are free/reduced lunch.

The county, like the town, is interesting. There is very little middle class, either you are worth a lot or nothing at all in this town. Housing and other costs are driving people away from the town, but nobody is coming in. Hell, my wife and I are both teachers and we can't afford the crazy housing prices in Ukiah.

Anyway, a lot happened this week. I'll list quick, then I'm off to check some other teacher blogs.
-Started Open Gym. This means that twice a week I open the gym from 4-6 p.m. for students (and myself) to play basketball. Good showing, around 17 first day, 30 the next.
-Went to the UTA (union) meeting. Want to really be involved in school politics, get a union rep. I made my first motion also. I asked that all minutes and agenda be set to all the reps. Can you believe that it wasn't being done before? Anyway, my other high school rep collegues said they were happy to have someone there that will step to the front.
-Looking for a house. God it sucks.
-Check this out. More and more students are getting disciplined by the teachers, but the powers that be will not follow the instructional system of discipline, therefore screwing teachers. Then, the principal (a super principal by the way) announces in the faculty meeting that teachers need to do more discipline because students are feeling harrassed. Go figure.

Weekend of grading. Looking at a house in the countryside this weekend. Wish me luck.

If I don't update this thing, e-mail my ass!
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