Monday, March 21, 2005

Should we move......I need opinions

My wife and I crunched numbers this weekend, and we are now faced with this problem.

Is California too expensive to live in? Where I live, a 2 bd/1 bath 1,000 square foot house came on the market last night. No a/c, wall heater, tiny lot on a busy road. The price..........329,000. Yes, I am serious. In this small town, where both my wife and I teach, we can't afford to live the American dream and own a home. So we have to make a choice. Stay here and struggle, or move to a town like Pocatello, Idaho and have the ability to live. The solution seems simple enough. But the problem is that both my wife and I love where we work. We love our colleagues, our administration, the weather, the location and the departments we work. I'm in an environment within my school that is totally conducive to teaching. Do I risk leaving that? This is the choice that my wife and I are facing. We really don't want to leave, but we may be forced to.

Otherwise, the weekend was uneventful. A nice thunderstorm hit us on Sunday morning, about 12:30 a.m. I love thunderstorms. There is something about the sound and fury that make them almost mystical.

I'm getting ready for a tough week. It is the week before Spring Break, a clear signal to kids to start getting rowdy. One thing I'll focus on is the Terry Shiavo case. It has turned into a massive political debate that goes beyond "right to die" into State's Rights and Separation of Powers. Fun, Fun, Fun!
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