Wednesday, March 23, 2005

Plain Tired

Another bite on a home today, and another let down.

This time a collegue of mine knew a friend that was selling his house and was looking to not use an agent. I called the person up, only to find out that he felt loyal to his agent, and it was worth going through him since he would probably get a better offer in the marketplace. That makes 3 offers and three let downs. I know, 3 is nothing. The problem is that there is almost nothing on the market right now. Things come on and go in a couple of days, easy.

In other news, I have tons of seniors (some who are barely passing) who are going on short term independent study (gone for over 5 school days). They have decided to take an extra week for their spring break. Some of them are in the 60-70% range in grades. So, I'm currently writing up a nice letter reminding them that the work does not stop while they are gone and are still required to pass my class to graduate. I'll be super popular with parents on this one, but I'll also have my ass covered.
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