Friday, March 18, 2005

On this morning, our "Allies" look to drag us down.

So every morning before I get ready to teach I glance at the Bloglines of about 10 different blogs to see what the story is for the day. Today one of my favorites, Education Wonk (See my link on the side), nailed this article about the California Teachers Association raising our union fees by $180 per member over three years. Those of you that are out of California don't understand that we have no choice, we have to pay three different unions (Federal, State, Local), and those unions are supposed to represent us.
Now those blood sucking weasels from the CTA are demanding, demanding mind you, that we pay more?!??!?!?
My recommendation is that the CTA becomes a dues optional organization that will get more funding when teachers feel properly represented. I have no problem with a local "dues mandatory" organizations where people are actually democratically elected. I know that I'll get the "you're anti-union" response. No, I'm anti any organization where I have no say and they act like they really represent me. Jesus, I know more about what is going on in Sacramento than my local CTA rep. She comes to local meetings and stirs up hysteria about things she doesn't understand.
There must be a grivance procedure against this union. There has to be some method to get proper leadership at the state level.
Barbara Kerr, you are making my wife and I suffer!
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