Saturday, March 19, 2005

Let it Rain

I must say, Winter is my favorite time of year. Fortunately, it rained most of today and it felt like a winter day. With the NCAA Tournament on television, Saturday seemed like the near perfect experience. My wife went to school and did our 6 week Costco/Target/Trader Joe's trip. I sat and watched the excellent tourney, while still fuming about the CTA raising its dues. However, I'm moving on to other issues that I feel need to be opened on this Saturday night.

-Well, I'm glad that somebody is actually addressing this. According to the AFP, Texas is looking to ban "sexually oriented" cheerleading routines, and make them more "family friendly". Being a former athlete, and now a coach, I'm all for this law. If you haven't noticed, the routines are borderline "freakin" and the outfits are made to be sexually attractive. Of course, actually regulating this law could prove to be interesting. Will you have families at the game call up the police and charge the cheerleading squad with indecency? Who gets the ticket? The squad? The coach? The school? I have a better idea. Let's leave the indecency to responsible administrators, and focus on making legislation that bans cheerleading routines that suck. I think good squads enhance the sports experiance for athletic fans, but bad ones make your hair hurt. Read the article here.

-I was estatic when Syracuse lost during the tourney. I'm in a Yahoo Tourney Pick-em with some of my students and basketball players. One of my ex-players picked Syracuse to go all the way. He mentioned that he tore through his house in a rage. I celebrated as the veteren, experianced teacher that was preparing for a dominating Final Four win!
Then Wake Forest lost to West Virginia. Sigh. Think my wife would mind me tearing through my house?

-So while I was listening to Imus in the Morning, both Boston Herald columnist Mike Barnacle and "Meet the Press'" Tim Russert stated that Hillary Clinton, John Kerry and John Edwards are all planning to run for the Democratic ticket in 2008. That's nice. For a laymans translation, it means that the White House occupant will be a Republican until at least 2012. In fact, Hillary might want to concentrate on winning the 2006 New York Senate race. It is far from a guarantee.

Ok, more hoops tomorrow. Enjoy your weekend everyone!
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