Friday, March 18, 2005

Jesus, what a Friday.

So besides the idiot CTA, what else happened today?

-Actually, my Intro classes were great! After the news (and explaining the Ireland/Northern Ireland thing) we started into a Buck Institute simulation called "Running in Place". Now, if you don't know the Buck Institute, and you teach Government or Economics, you must click the link on the right. This non-profit organization specializes in Problem Based Learning modules that are aligned with California State Standards, and more importantly, are very engaging. It was a total success. Plus, you can download the lessons FOR FREE!!!!!!!!!!!!! DO IT NOW!!!!

-My Econ classes were in full seniorites. This was the day relegated to working on Economics Expo (see earlier on for an explanation). Instead, I got a lot of this: "Mr. Brown, I don't wanna be here." "Mr. Brown, I have a headache." "Mr. Brown, can I call my mom so I can go home." "Mr. Brown, will you chaperone the Senior Trip" (um, no), "Mr. Brown, do we havvvvvvvvveeeee to do this" Those with seniors will understand this behavior. In the end, they did work and accomplish a bit.

-The bad news was that weird things (in a bad form) happened this week that are catching up. Two students died this week (one from possible sleep apnia, one from cancer, neither were mine), one student was calling cell phones during classes talking about suicide (again, not mine), and a nice-as-hell student was caught snorting blow in a bathroom (this one happened to be one of mine). It is very interesting being a teacher, because even though these students actions are basically outside of my realm (being the classroom), I still give a major shit. Sometimes it seems like I give a bigger shit than most parents. Anyone, the problems put a damper on the day and made the school attitude a little melancholy.

The other interesting news of the day is that the Public Speaking job is going to open up next year. My name has been seriously bantered around, by the administration (who asked me) and by the current teacher (who hasn't asked me). I would love to do it. I have a booming voice and I loved my Public Speaking in high school and college.

Anyway, the weekend is here. My wife will be at Sonoma State tomorrow, slaving away in Special Ed credential classes. Me? I'll be slaving away in front of the television watching the NCAA Tournament! That is, when the house is nice and pretty for my wife to return to. Those that are married will understand:)
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