Friday, March 11, 2005

It's not looking good.

So a small update of the last two days.

Classes A,B,E: We worked on textbook vocabulary and started a video "Is Wal-Mart Good For America?" I know, I know. There are teachers that refuse to use videos in the classroom. I think being that close minded ends up being counter productive if you have the correct materials. I show small clips in Government. In Economics, I show a little more. This video is from the series Frontline (check out my links section)and is very watchable. Plus, students really do want to understand why Wal-Mart is so huge and successful. As for the text vocabulary, if you know Economics, you know that its like a foreign language.

Classes C,D: Currently studying Supply and Demand. The work is tedious and the students are starting to get "Spring Fever".

But outside of school the news is not very good. We got a message from our realtor saying that the Sellers are sticklers to there price. They are asking 359, we are offering 345, plus they pay closing. So now we wait, which is the hardest part.

Tuesday, Thursday Open Gym has grabbed about 15-20 per session. The basketball is not very good lately. No defense.

Weekend Approaching!
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