Wednesday, March 30, 2005

The Great Pot Experiment Continues.

I don't know about your school, but ours has a massive marijuana problem. Kids are constantly coming to school high and getting nailed for possession of weed. As some of you have read over the last few weeks, the city of Ukiah and the county of Mendocino could really care less. The concern for them is that their divine right of grass cultivation not be disturbed. They are so concerned about it that they are indifferent about how the current Supreme Court case regarding medical marijuana turns out. Basically, they will celebrate if it passes, ignore it if it does not. This means that either way, the school will suffer. How crazy is it?

How about this article from the Ukiah Daily Journal. Those of you that are not up to speed will be interested in knowing that personal cultivation of marijuana is for all intents and purposes, legal within city limits. This has created a massive amount of pot gardens growing in peoples back yards. The justification of the gardens falls under California's Prop. 215, which states that marijuana is legal for medical purposes. The county attorney general (a tax dodging felon and advocate for stoners) refuses to prosecute any marijuana related crimes within the county. Anything that is nailed is by the DEA (a federal institution) and that is rarely. However, the legalization has hit a few snags. First, people have been complaining during harvest that their neighborhoods permanently smell like a Bob Marley Tribute Concert. People have threatened to go to the State Air Quality Board (the county board ignored it) and sue the county for breaking air quality standards. Second, local crime has gone through the roof. Backyards are being invaded and shoot-outs have occurred over some people's pot gardens.

What is the solution from the city of Ukiah?

Restrict pot cultivation to land use zones listed as "commercial". That's right! The city of Ukiah's Planning Commission and City Council will be restricting pot cultivation to commercial zones.

I'm sure this will have a major positive impact on the drug problems facing our students (dripping with sarcasm).

And people say that No Child Left Behind is our biggest problem.

Any recommendations?
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