Thursday, March 24, 2005

For High School Basketball Coaches- Summer Tournaments

Here's the deal, I'm about as anti-AAU as it gets.

For those that are not in basketball, AAU is the Amateur Athletic Union. I really have no clue what it is like in other states. Here in California, it is a money making scheme that puts kids on for show and sucks the money out of wallets of unknowing parents. Basically it is an alternate tournament league where people show off. I was associated with AAU for two years in California. Fortunately, I was with a coach who brought a high school team together and simply had them join the AAU. Most teams are not run in this manner. Many are overhyped prima-donnas who have been told that they are the second coming and that scouts will be drooling over them. Some angry parent that resents the high school coach then creates an AAU team, sucks hundreds of dollars in fees from parents, and proceeds to teach their child no fundamentals about the sport of basketball. While this is occuring, the parent thinks that because he is an AAU coach, it is his right to storm up and down the sideline imitating Bobby Knight on crack. AAU is a royal screw job. That is why I'm here to show you a great alternative.
For those that are in California, I give you NorCalPreps is an excellent resource for coaches that are looking for high school team camps. These are basically summer tournaments that, for the most part, have no bracket play. What they do is a round robin style involving high school teams playing against each other. Most tournaments get in 5-9 games, depending on where you go. Now, NorCalPreps is all about Northern California hoops. It is best for those from Merced, across to Monterey, and up to the California/Oregon border. Team camps are usually cheaper, have better officiating (some are actually officals camps) and the coaching staffs are more concerned about development, not winning pointless summer games.
My link to the right is to the message board. It is free. I won't link the front page because I don't like the fact that they want money to view the headlines and all information about college bound athletes. I understand that they need money to survive, but I think their are alternatives to making coaches, students and teachers pay for it. So, use the message board. Yes, there is the occasional shit talker about "My high school rules, your's sucks". But there are many coaches that pay attention to this board and summer tournaments are already popping up. Also check it for games during the season. I've been very successful picking up games over the last three years.
Here is a list of summer tournaments for you Norcal Hoop People that I highly recommend:
California State University-Chico
Sonoma State
University of San Francisco
Foothill High in Sacramento

Sonoma State
Foothill High in Sacramento
Pleasant Valley High in Chico
Galena High in Reno

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