Monday, March 21, 2005

Dumbest Bastards on the Planet......Part II

Earlier this month, I posted this article regarding Mendocino County trying to certify marijuana as organic. The State of California denied the request. Imagine that. However, the county still allows marijuana to be grown all over the place, including most of the backyards here in Ukiah.
Now comes the creme-de-la-creme of pro-legalization arguements, taxation of the product. Mendocino County, as stated in the Santa Rosa Press Democrat, wants to start regulating and taxing pot clubs. The problem (duh)is how you actually regulate a product that is illegal. If the county supervisors pass the law, they risk losing state and federal funding. On top of that, what is to prevent pot consumers to simple stop using pot clubs and going back to personal plants or illegal transactions?
This whole situation is so bad for our school. Marijuana is a massive problem in our school and the community is doing nothing but supporting the pot growers. The county getting involved to support it only strengthens the arguement for students to use it. Top that with the illusion that governments can benefit from this illegal crop and you have a situation were the school is the only bastion of common sense left in the town.
I'll update this subject as much as I can, since this is only just starting to become an issue in other states. As for Mendocino County, marijuana is legal here folks. The only place where it is forbidden is on campus, and we are fighting a losing battle.
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