Sunday, March 13, 2005

Campus Supervisor is a dangerous job.

I'll preface this story by saying that I really like my administration. In fact, I don't know if I could have thrived in my environment if my administration hadn't been so supportive.
But if there is one thing that our administration is sorely lacking, it is consistant discipline for students that do not belong at the school. Take a look the article in last weeks Ukiah Daily Journal regarding the dangerous job of campus supervising. The one guy, Todd, that is making a big beef with the Board has a vaild point. He's a terrific guy, that simply wants the school to be safe. However, like teachers, supervisors are feeling like "why discipline students if there is no follow through".
Read the article, then give me suggestions on how to deal with it. I'm considering going to my union and asking for there support to push the Board to be a lot tougher on suspended and expelled students, especially those that are gang affiliated.
Oh, and I have some of those students mentioned in the article in class.
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