Sunday, March 27, 2005

BC/AD? or BCE/CE?.....and all the while it rains.

I love the rain.

While my students are going absolutely stir crazy about the rain ruining plans for wakeboarding and tanning, I walk outside of my classroom between periods singing in the rain. My wife is sick, so this means she is in bed for the day while I relaxed down stairs. I watched the tube, read and graded Market Clearing Price worksheets today. The entire day was a constant downpour that only let up a little about 90 minutes ago. And it was a mean, "You thought Winter was gone, didn't you?!" kind of rain. Best part of the day was when my wife came downstairs for an hour and we drank a bottle of Cab together while listening to the rain and talking. We are total Cab fans, so speak up if you are into wine. Don't be jealous, but we live within 90 minutes of some of the best wine on the planet:)

By the way, if you are a history buff, check out EdWonks post on the arguement between using BC/AD or BCE/CE in relation to historical chronology. One side states that BC/AD should continue to be used because it relates to the common Christian calander that historians have been using for centuries. That, and it could be a sign that some schools are attempting political correctness. The other sides says that BCE/CE is more historically accurate and doesn't put the focus on a religious figure. Therefore, the use of the latter terms would be more acceptable to a diverse population of people.

As I state in the comments section of the post, I was taught the BCE/CE version by my Antiquities professor. I mention it to my World History students (I taught it for the last three years, not this year), then I don't mention it again. The way I look at it, Jesus is important enough in history to leave the BC/AD alone. I talk more about it in the comments section of the EdWonks post.

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